The Cure

Tonight I went with my friends Marco to an unfortunately not fully sold out Madison Square Garden to see the concert of the British band “The Cure”. That did not hold these guys back to play for almost three hours and give an amazing performance though. It was the best concert I have ever seen.

Tonight was about music, about what you can do with music. Tonight was about listening to songs live that I have heard hundreds or maybe even thousands of times in the past. The songs were beautifully performed but the main thing was what they meant to me.

Growing up in Germany I was not too much into music in my teens. That changed when I was around 16 or 17. What bands did I like? To name a few: U2, Depeche Mode, INXS and of course The Cure. I feel thankful towards all of these guys. Music has saved my life many times. Whenever reality seemed unbearable during my late teens and early 20’s, whenever I felt during that time that I was not able to take it any more, whenever I felt I would have to end my suffering by jumping of a bridge I would go to my room and listen to music, I would listen to the music of the bands that I just mentioned. It would make me feel better and allowed me to keep on going.

There was something in it that I personally had no idea about and did not even know how to describe. It had something that made me feel that it is worth living, that there is something else to life then pain, suffering and collecting bad experiences. It gave me hope, the hope that at a certain point my life will be different, that it is possible to have a great time, that it is possible to do what I love to do, that there is freedom somewhere out there.

Today that life has become my reality. It has turned into something that back then I was not even able to imagine. But I would not be living this life or even writing these pages if music wouldn’t have bought me some extra time to work on myself and to overcome my difficulties.

Thank you guys! Thank you “The Cure” for a beautiful life and a beautiful evening.





“The Cure” Manhattan/ New York City/ Madison Square Garden/ The Cure live 06-20-08 at 10:59 PM

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