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Yesterday I received a call from one of my clients, Jason at Equinox Fitness to shoot a yoga class for them at three. That is what I like about this job and about living in New York City. You get up in the morning not knowing what will happen that day. To me this unpredictability makes my life very exciting. 

I had a couple of meetings that afternoon that I had to reschedule then I was good to go. Granted it is not so easy to jump into a shoot like that without preparation. I had no idea how the location would look like; I personally own just a few small lights and have to rent bigger when a job is coming up. But at this point my experience kicked in and the feeling to always be able to make it work.

At 3 PM I arrived at 84th Street and 3rd Avenue at “Pure Yoga”. Pure Yoga comes originally from Asia and opens its first branch in New York City. Equinox Fitness is involved but in contrast to the yoga classes the gym offers Pure Yoga as the name already suggests offers yoga classes only.

The mission for the day was to shoot five yoga teachers that will be teaching at the new studio. I had a fantastic afternoon. Jason came by to art direct and had some great ideas to make five people look like a whole class. I was the right guy for the job since I have been a devoted and at times obsessed yoga practitioner for more then ten years. The only difficulty was to have everybody in the group aligned; the rest of the shoot was a walk in the park.

For those of you guys who live in the New York City area and are practicing yoga or starting to do so please check out the Pure Yoga Website.




“Pure Yoga” Manhattan/New York City 06-09-08 at 04:09 PM

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