In The Woods

I spent a couple of days in Vermont last week. It was far away from any major city. The house I stayed in had no Internet connection and there is no cell phone service in that area.

At first even the idea of being cut off from the world filled me with anxiety. How would I be able to update the blog? Would I miss the booking for the next big job because nobody could reach me?

When I came to the States 12 years ago not many people had cell phones and even less people had Internet. Recently somebody asked me what changed during the time I spent here. I did not have an answer since it feels like it was always the same. This trip made me realize what has changed. The feeling that we have to be constantly reachable, constantly available, constantly be plugged in.

It was hard the on first day to have no bars on your cell phone and not to know what is going on in the world since there is no Internet. But at day three it was a normal thing and it did not even cross my mind any more. I enjoyed having my privacy for some time. It felt like a vacation from living in the 21st Century.

And when we finally reached the world of cell phones and high speed Internet again nothing had happened, I had not missed anything.







“In The Woods” House I stayed in close to Brattleboro/Vermont 05-21-08 at 03:04 PM

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