I spent all day shooting kids for one of my clients. One thing that is for sure is that my life is unpredictable and full of variety. One day I shoot top models, the next day a music video and after that kids all day long.

The interesting thing working with children is that they always follow their inner voice. They are happily cooperating as long as they have fun being photographed but the moment they feel like not doing it any more it is over. They are so much more honest. They only do what they want to do and there is no way to bribe them.

Being an adult is so different. We do constantly what we do not want to do. We do things we don’t like to do because we receive a payoff. We work in jobs we hate because we get a check at the end of the month. We are in relationships that don’t work for sex and affection.

Is it possible to live a more honest life, is it possible to only do what we want to do, is it possible to be a child in an adult body, is it possible to be superman?





“Superman” Manhattan/ New York City/ Justin 05-15-08 at 09:13 AM

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