Well, I seem to have successfully overcome my blog addiction. I do not even know how many days I did not write. I do not want to count them that would make me depressed. At the same time I am happy that I was able to let it go. There is nothing worse then constantly put so much pressure on me.

There was no way to even shoot an image for a couple of days. The original plan was to shoot also stills while shooting the music video with John Shannon but there was just not the time to do that. A two-member team covered jobs like being the artist, director, director of photography; producer, production assistant and driver.  At times I was holding the camera, having a boom box strapped around me since we needed to play the song for lip sinking and holding a flex fill. I could not have done it without John being so nice to carry as many bags as I did and driving me all over the place.

I also want to thank him and his girlfriend Caroline for their hospitality and for being such great people. The time in West Marin was fantastic. It was so much fun to spend 4 ½ days in nature. It is too bad that I did not have a chance to shoot more stills since it was so beautiful out there but the video should be edited within the next week and I will let you guys know as soon as it is ready.

At the moment I am in San Francisco. I arrived here yesterday. I booked a hotel for two days to relax a little bit and to explore the city. I will be back in New York on Monday morning. J





“Accomplishment” West Marin/John Sannon  looking at eagle 05-05-08 at 03:09 PM

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