Today was a good but long and hard day. John and I got up early in the morning. John’s girlfriend Caroline was so nice to make us some breakfast. Then we did load up the 10 or so equipment pieces and drove to our first location.

We got quite some shots done today. Or should I say scenes? I am still thinking in photo terms. I am shooting with this HD camera that is very compact but gets so heavy after some time. Today we mainly shot in the pine forest and on the beach. John’s neighbor Don helped us out on the shoot today. He suggested to go to this very beautiful beach to get some shots. We ended up schlepping the gear for 45 minuets one way. I am so tired and the wake up call for tomorrow morning is 5 AM.




“Roadkill” Point Reise National Seashore 05-06-08 at 11:44 AM

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