The Rising

My friend Michael R. left a comment on yesterdays “The Mind” post that blew me away. Not that I was surprised about Michael’s deep insights but what expresses itself through him has this amazing ability to sum things up with such clarity:


“I can only see two directions for the flow of one’s creative force.
1- To serve one’s SELF (or following the inner voice)
2- To serve the bidding of another

The result of accepting #1 is that your sense of self becomes as large the universe.
The result of accepting #2 is that your sense of self has no value.”


Do we have a choice but to follow our inner voice? Do we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world to follow our intuition? Do we do anybody a favor if we do what they want us to do or do we hurt ourselves, hurt them and hurt the universe by not following our inner voice?

Let’s keep these questions in mind the next time we make a decision.




“The Rising” Manhattan/New York City/ Grand Central Station 04-30-08 at 08:06 PM

grand central

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