I got enough sleep last night and feel better. I did laundry this morning and cleaned up. At 12:15 PM I met Max and Sam again to take a few more shots of them. Of all places we went to Times Square. The weather was beautiful again and there were thousands of people around 42nd Street. I got some great shots of them walking the crowd. Thinking about the way I shot them today I realize that my style has gotten much looser. In the past I tried to control every aspect of an image what constantly drove me insane since there is no such thing like absolute control. Today I control much less, I let things unfold knowing that I always will get a great shot. I am not afraid any more. In my experience that is a much better approach. Control gives you an o.k. image pretty quickly. To get a good shot while you let go will take you longer but when you get the shot it is an amazing one.

This approach is much more fun. I am less stressed out, enjoy the shooting part much more and take better pictures.

After Times Square we went to Bryant Park. Again there were thousands of people everywhere. The whole grass area of the park was packed with people sitting on chairs having their lunch break. I took more images of them just hanging out in the park.

At around 2 PM Max and Sam had to run since they flying to Zimbabwe today to play a show next week. This is another link with more information about their project.

Today was another day to learn from photography for life and to learn from life for photography. The bottom line is that if we go for what we want but at the same time let go of obsessing about it we will find out that everything will unfold naturally for the best for all involved. We will always meet the right person, be at the right place, make the right decisions and take the right picture at the right time when we let go of control and trust life.





“Photography=Life” Manhattan/New York City/Times Square 04-25-08 at 12:15 PM

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