A Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day. Days like this are very rare in New York City since it is usually either too cold or too hot. Today the temperature was perfect. I am so fortunate to have the deck and to be able to sit outside. I am outside while I am writing this.

The great thing about staying in the city is that within three minuets walking distance I have any store I need. I even have a health food store across the street. What a difference compare to the two delis I have in Brooklyn.

I spent the morning in front of the computer editing. Shoots had been piling up in the last couple of weeks and I had to go through thousands of images. I am far from done with it. In the afternoon Max Wild and Sam Mtukudzi came by the same guys I shot on Monday in the studio with their band. We had a good time shooting some portraits of them. Since they had to run back to the studio to keep on recording we did not have the time to finish everything today. There will be a 3rd part to the job tomorrow.

I am very tired. Writing the blog on a daily basis has taken a toll on me since the only time I am able to write it is late at night and I never seem to get enough sleep because of that. The good news is that I am almost one third through the year. There are only 251 more days to go. 🙂

Because I am so tired tonight I will keep the post short and get some sleep. There is another long day waiting for me tomorrow.





“A Beautiful Day” Manhattan/New York City/ Max Wild (r) Sam Mtukudzi (l) 04/24/08 at 06:52 PM

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