Being Positive

I feel at the moment like I am having a fresh start. There will be quite a few changes to my website The site will be simplified starting this weekend and new images will be added. I got a call today for my first paid music video. I don’t do music videos?! Think again! One video that I shot and directed for the band NaNuchKa is already on youtube, the second one for Tam Lin Music in postproduction.

Since photography and advertising moves more and more to the web I believe that it is a good idea for any photographer to get acquainted with shooting video and with post processing software like Final Cut Pro. There are already more and more photographers who incorporate sound into their work. One great example for that is This site has absolute amazing photography and the incorporated sound gives the impact of the imagery another dimension.

One thing that I cannot stress enough is being positive. We talked a lot about reality being the projection of the mind. To me that is true. Our ideas, our beliefs and our thoughts create what we experience. Hence a positive attitude, an “I can do this attitude”will enable us to achieve what we want.

Since most of our minds are trained to be negative we have to be very focused. Naturally we will think that we are not able to do the things we want to do in life. We might think we are not intelligent enough to get a certain job, not handsome enough to be with a certain girl or not focused enough to open our own business. It is always a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only difference between the can do and cannot attitude is that you can do what you want to do or cannot do it. The exercise is to reject any negative thought that come up. That is an in between stage but focusing on that will bring down the frequency of negative thoughts coming up. The goal is that “I can not”does not even cross our minds any more.

The second part of this is even harder. It is very important not to surround ourselves with negative people. All our work focusing on the positive can be destroyed within a very short period of time being around somebody who is very negative. This is very hard to do. What if your girlfriend of boyfriend is very negative? Or even worse your wife or your husband or like in my case your father? This is when we will find our how committed we are. In my experience it is impossible to be surrounded by negative people and reprogram our lives to being positive even if we work very hard on ourselves. 

The beauty about being positive is that we will attract like minded people in our lives. Positive people will help us tremendously to let go of the negative. It is so much more fun to be around somebody who is doing what he or she loves, is very successful at it and positive about what lies ahead then somebody who can come up with all these reasons why something does not work. Meeting somebody like that will inspire us to do the same and us doing what we love to do will inspire others.

I made a decision. I’m focusing on being positive.






“Being Positive” Manhattan/New York City/Bryant Park/Self Portrait 04-10-08 at 10:04 PM

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