Letting My Pants Down

My friend Peter Koval posted another amazing comment about yesterdays “Hidden” blog entry. He wrote:

“LOL. Carsten you are so funny.

“For someone who ‘doesn’t know what they are talking about’, you sure do tend to make conclusive opinionated statements!

“We hide our beauty, love, intelligence and talent because we are terribly afraid. We are afraid of being who we really are. We are attracted to darkness and reject the light.

Why? Because it is safe.

It is safe to be to be ugly, to be tied down, to live in scarcity, to be unhappy, to be unsuccessful and to have no joy in our lives. It is safe not to be loved. ”

To me there is no room for interpretation or conversation in your statements. This is more of a manifesto. The Carsten Manifesto.

Well, I just wanted to clarify one thing about perfection. When I said to follow the ‘4 Noble Truths’, wasn’t to imply to ‘follow’ something. If you’ve studied the ‘4 Noble Truths’, it’s more of a paradigm to be mindful. If “letting go” as you say is the way, then we probably do disagree on the path, but if you suggest to just let go of ego, then I do agree, but that is also a part of the 4 noble truths.  Always be mindful, even when you make sweeping statements, that are more conclusions.”

I would like to clarify a couple of things. When I said the other day that I do not know what I am talking about I was trying to express that I am letting words come up and post them on my blog. I am trying not to let my mind judge what wants to express itself. I very often surprise myself with the results.

I am aware that what I say might seem to be conclusive opinionated statements. I do not really know who’s opinion it is since it is not mine. But even if it would be my opinion and it would be conclusive what is so bad about that? This is not John Meyer’s or Mike Boy’s blog. My blog states very clearly that it is Carsten Fleck’s weblog. To me this blog is about letting my pants down, it is about being very honest and expose to the world who I am whatever that might be. All I do is express who I am and how I think about certain things. If that is opinionated so be it.

My statements are never a manifesto and there is always room for interpretation or conversation. What I say on my posts feels right to me but I am very aware that it might not feel right to somebody else. I am always for discussion things and I am very open to other people’s opinions.

I looked into the “Four Noble Truths” Peter was talking about. We are on the same page with that. They are about letting go of suffering and transcending the ego.

One thing I never have done on this blog and I am not planning to do is tell people what to do. To me to say,” Always be mindful, even when you make sweeping statements, that are more conclusions” is a conclusive opinionated statement. It assumes that I am not mindful, that I make sweeping statements and that I am not aware that there are more conclusions while none of that is true.

All I was doing was to sit down and to start typing. Hours before I was forced to have my Soy Chai Latte on a park bench at Union Square since I was not able to find a seat at Starbucks. I looked up and saw the Empire Sate Building being hidden behind buildings and snapped a picture. And since I meet so many people who have problems to live their full potential and that has been a problem for me all my life I called the post “Hidden”. That is all.

To me it is not even a sweeping statement. I did not say that we all hide I said most human beings hide what is my experience with people I meet and with myself. And as I said before I am aware that there are more conclusions but since this blog is about my life and my work I can only express how I feel about things.

Thanks Peter for making this another interesting blog day.




“Letting My Pants Down” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/My Pants as found when I woke up 04-06-08 at 02:01 PM

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