In The Rain

It is good to be back in New York even though the weather was so much nicer in Las Vegas. I spent the day unpacking and saddling in again.

I was expecting to receive the backlights that I took out of my 23-inch Cinema Display today. The backlights are small florescent lights that light up LCD screens. They burn out over time and I sent mine out to get replaced since they were not bright enough any more.

Today I had to learn a lesson of trust. I was supposed to receive the package yesterday. I called UPS about it and they said they would try to find out what happened to the package. Today I get a call from somebody at UPS sorting facility saying that they can not find the package and that I should call the sender and put in a lost claim.

The problem was though that I had taken out the whole backlight assembly that included the reflectors and the wiring. A lost package would have meant that I couldn’t use the $ 700. — screen that I took apart. I was on fire.

I was so upset and the new me does not put restrictions on being upset. I think it is better to get what I feel out and out of the way instead of repressing it. I was living it. I do not know what name I did not call these guys at UPS while I was talking to myself about how stupid it is to lose the package.

It never crossed my mind that things like that happening is part of my old life and even if the package was really gone maybe it is for the best. Maybe it means that I get a brand new one and can send the bill to UPS. I trusted my intelligence more then the universal intelligence.

Eventually I calmed down and called Clyde the UPS driver that is responsible for our neighborhood who could not find the package on his truck yesterday. After looking around he said, “I have your package it is right here in front of me”. When I ran downstairs to get it from him I was thinking about how much less drama it would have been to know that whatever happens will be the best for me.

I spent the afternoon putting the backlights back into my display. Everything worked but seemed to be slightly dim. I used my spider (piece of equipment that you put on the screen to measure the brightness and colors of the screen and adjusts them if necessary). I got exactly the same measurements I got before I sent them out for repair. It looks like they just sent it back to me and charged me for not doing anything.

The good news is that I am not upset. I understand that whatever happens is happening because it is the best for me and I know that I can deal with whatever life throws at me. There is no reason to get upset. But if I do it is o.k. It is fun to be upset sometimes and to let whatever comes up express itself.

I wonder if the person I’ll talk to at the company who did the repair for me tomorrow will feel the same way.





“In The Rain” Manhattan, New York City, 34th Street Herald Square 04-01-08 at 10:16 PM


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