There are decisive moments in our lives that stay with us forever. Today I had such an experience.

Even though I have been changing for years there was always that inherent fear that at a certain point in time things might turn against me or that I am not strong enough to stay on course and fall back into the old. To one day have to turn around and to live my old life again, a life full of fear and low self-esteem, cut off from the rest of humanity, a sad life that that to me at this point is not worth living.

Today I realized through an experience I had that my life will never be like that again. I understood that over the course of the last 15 years I have read too much, meditated to much, been in yoga classes too much, have gone to therapy too much and changed too much to ever have to go back. My old life is over; I could not go back even if I wanted to.

Now I can reap the fruits of all my hard work, freedom and an effortlessness of being through everything around me falling into place to support me.  





“Over” Williamsburg/Brooklyn 03-26-08 at 10:26 PM


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