All spiritual practices are aimed towards having an empty mind. To not be preoccupied with ideas how things should be, to be able to go with the flow, to be able to let life happen.

When we get to that stage the universe flows through us. We always do the right thing, say the right words and are at the right place in the right moment. With an empty mind we cannot make any mistakes. We follow the universal order.

Our actions and words might seem funny to some and offend others terribly but again the laughter and the upset are parts of a bigger plan. Whatever happens it is necessary. We are the vessel to make it happen.

The only thing that stands between us and a life of joy and happiness is our mind with its ideas and beliefs. We are cutting the natural flow of things through judgment and evaluation and do not allow to happen what is supposed to happen. This creates suffering for us, the people around us and the world.

There is a universal intelligence that knows what is best for us. To be able to access this intelligence we have to let go of our ideas and beliefs. We have to have space for this intelligence to unfold itself. In the past we were doing nothing else then boycotting our lives through our insanity.

The question is do we want to keep on doing that? Do we want to keep on following what we think is the right thing to do even though we know that it does not work. Are we willing to change? Are we willing to empty our minds?




“Empty” Manhattan/New York City/27th Street and 6th Avenue  03-20-08 at 10:03 PM


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