Enjoy Life!

Yesterday was an intense day. I spent more then 12 hours on the computer and my brain was fried after that. Sometimes I feel that I am not meant to sit in front of a screen for so long. I am much rather outside with other people. And of course I could have pulled something out of my sleeve but it was so hard. At the end I felt like being honest. And honest I was.

In one of my breaks yesterday I went to youtube and looked up live performances of the Beatles since I was listening to their music during my endless Photoshop hours. It is amazing to me that they wrote all these great songs in the short time they were together. Here were four guys with a drum set and guitars changing the world. At least for some time people started to ask questions. And they broke through many boundaries. How did they do it? With music. They did not talk about the “I”, the illusion and how to transcend the ego. They changed the world with joy. This is why I felt like I had nothing to say yesterday. What would I talk about? I spent all day at home. Catherine did visit me again but I wrote about her already the day before. I actually had a nice image about “Painting a new life” but that would have been that spiritual talk again. And after seeing the Beatles changing the world with music it felt so irrelevant.

As I said before I want to shift the focus of my blog to how to enjoy life. Letting go of my past helped me be able to enjoy life and have fun. This is what having wisdom is all about, to be able to let go.

In the future I will switch things around more. There is so much I can talk about. So far I have not even scratched the surface of photography. There is my yoga practice, kung fu and of course how to be James Bond. J That alone will enable me to fill a few weeks of blogging. And hopefully I will start to shoot big advertising campaigns, travel around the world, hang out with famous people and top models and write about my experiences.

Today I went for lunch to this Chinese place in my neighborhood to have some sesame tofu. Whenever I go there I get a fortune cookie. I always seem to get the right one for the day. And guess what it was today. “Enjoy life! It is better to be happy than wise.”

At the end all the wisdom does not help us. It creates new walls. This time they are the “I am wiser and I can not relate to the rest of the world” walls. Wisdom is just a crutch to be able to live a joyful life. So are yoga, kung fu, and photography, being James bond or anything else I do or you do. The problem starts when the crutch becomes the main focus of our lives. I made many crutches the main focus. My work, my yoga practice, my spirituality, my body, being a vegan and the list goes on.

What is our main focus in life? Being flexible? Having a successful career? Being vegan? Finding enlightenment? Having the perfect body? Why do we do all these things? To be happy.

For too many years I focused on the crutches and forgot to focus on my happiness. If I practice yoga six days per week, when I am a famous photographer, when I have a beautiful girl on my side, have enough money, get really good in kung fu, when I finally have the body I always wanted then I will be happy.

But in my experience this is a vicious cycle. There will be always another yoga class, another spiritual book to read, another perfect picture to take or another weight to lift. I was always busy preparing for happiness. I did not have time to enjoy life because I was preoccupied getting ready for it.

At the end nothing can prepare us to enjoy life, we just have to go for it and enjoy it.





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