Today was an interesting day. For the first time since I started to only do what I like to do this new way of life was challenged. I talked to Ira my accountant this morning who had left me a message last night. He wanted to know when he could expect to get all the information he needs from me for this years taxes. Ira is not my most favorite person to talk to. I actually much rather talk to my dentist then I talk to him. On top of it he was cracking the whip this morning about getting it done. He said,” All you have to do is to stay up one night and get it out of the way.”

But what does he know about my life? Does he know how late I stay up almost every night to write the blog? Does he know how busy I am having fun? I had another great weekend. I was out Friday night, Saturday I went dancing and filled up the rest of the time with going to the gym, taking yoga classes and blogging.

And now that. Piles of receipts, it will take me so much time to sort them out. Years ago I figured out how to have fun doing that kind of work anyway. I obsess about it. Many of my friends and especially my ex-girlfriend Brisha made fun about me having every receipt for the last ten years. To me it is like collecting stamps. I want to have all of them. And since I have them all I have this feeling of accomplishment. When I am done sorting them out I put them in beautiful white binders and I am very happy how it all looks at the end.

I was surprised when I asked my inner voice if I want to get it all done or not. The answer was yes. I had to think about this old saying that there are only to things in life that are for sure, death and taxes. It is something I must do. I am still confused why I feel that way. Is it because I am afraid of the consequences or do I just want Ira to stop breathing up my neck? Or is it at the end really fun to do the numbers and see how much money I made and where it went? Whatever it is I started doing them.

While I was obsessing about my receipts Catherine came by to visit me. I have known her for about three years and we are absolute polar opposites. She is so relaxed. Nothing gets her out of her calm. And she likes to sleep. The first thing she did when she came over today was  to lie down on my bed and taking a nab wile I was labeling my folders. She doesn’t bother about doing her taxes she just does not care. I have been talking to her about doing them but she can’t be bothered.

Catherine has the most beautiful eyes of any girl I have ever met. Whenever I look into them, the greenest eyes I have ever seen, I have to think about the song “Green Eyes” by Coldplay:


Honey you are a rock

Upon which I stand

And I come here to talk

I hope you understand


That green eyes

Yeah the spotlight shines upon you 

And how could anybody deny you

I came here with a load 

And it feels so much lighter

Now I met you 

And honey you should know

That I could never go on without you 

Green eyes


Honey you are the sea 

Upon which I float

And I came here to talk

I think you should know


That green eyes

You’re the one that I wanted to find

And anyone who tried to deny you

Must be out of their mind


Because I came here with a load

And it feels so much lighter

Since I met you

And honey you should know

That I could never go on without you

(“Green eyes” Lyrics)


Catherine, it was beautiful having you around today. Thank you so much for being such a good friend. Thank you for being so nice to me even though our relationship was kind of rocky when we first met.

We had to get to know each other to develop what we have today. I feel so much lighter since I met you. And you should know that I could never go on without you. 🙂





“Catherine” My roommate’s cat/Williamsburg/Brooklyn 03-17-08 at 04:23 PM


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