Freedom Of Choice

Undoing our past also gives us freedom of choice. While we had an illusionary freedom to choose what we want in the past dealing with and letting go of our programming will set us free to make real choices. What we used to consider a free choice was still connected to our ideas and beliefs.

In the past I for example was not able to choose a girl I wanted to date based on freedom of choice. She had to be like my mother. And the more she mistreated and rejected me the crazier I was about her.

Where is the freedom in that? Where is our freedom when all we are doing is to try to find somebody who is like our parents? Where is the freedom in only being able to work certain jobs because they are safe or they pay well? Where is freedom if we already have our lives mapped out for the next 20 years and only proceed as planned? Where is the freedom in having a fixed idea about where we want to live and what we want to achieve in life? Where is the freedom in that?

There is none. Letting go of the past, letting go of who we thought we are will change that. It will open us up to not only have the few options that work with our ideas and beliefs but have all the choices there are. Now the future is really an open space where anything is possible.

It is a much less safe but at the same time a much more exciting place to be in.





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