Today I made piece with the electronic appliances of the world. From today on I accept that things break and that they will keep on breaking until I am done with this sometimes wonderful sometimes not so much fun experience of being in a human body.

Today I took the backlights out of my 23 inch Apple Cinema display. It is always fun to do things you have no clue about. I downloaded the service manual from the Internet, got a screwdriver and started screwing the whole thing apart. The backlights are tiny florescent light that light up the screen and burn out when you spent too much time in front of the computer what I definitely do. After I pulled them out I packed them up and sent them to San Francisco where they will be replaced with new ones. I am still hoping that after I get them back I will remember how to put it all together again but if I do my display will be like new. Then I did a hard reset on my phone that I just bought a few days ago to send it back to the guy I bought it from because the headphone jack does not work. Now I only have to find out how I get my television repaired that broke last week, take my computer apart and put a few new hard drives in and install a continous ink and waste ink system on my printer. And here is the big one get a super drive into my 12-inch powerbook. I downloaded the service manual for that and almost had a meltdown when I looked at it. The last thing you get to after you gutted the machine is the CD drive. I even got scared and started to call people because most websites suggested that a technician should do the repair. But who wants to spent $ 160.00 for labor only and miss out of the fun to unscrew 90-120 screws and look at stuff he has never seen before?

All this might sound overwhelming and would have stressed me out tremendously in the past. But today I spend the day smiling. I realized that it will never change me being upset or not. I also was very happy to still have my old phone because I was planning to throw it against the wall as soon as my new one arrives to have my revenge for all these dropped calls in the last few months. Today I desperately needed it. 

Things will break, will be repaired and at the end be thrown out. I accept the impermanence of all things and the impermanence of myself. As my new friends the electronic appliances my body will sometimes not work, time will wear on it and one day it will stop functioning. This is the fate of all things.

When I realized that and accepted it I was at piece.




“Peace” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/My skylight 03-10-08 at 05:01 PM.


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