At a certain point we have to make a decision how to live our lives. I am at that point right now. It is time for an experiment. In the past I have been writing about the ego and how this part of us controls our lives even though it is only imagined. I also talked about that we can transcend the ego by doing only what brings us joy and happiness. How do we make the right choices? We listen to our inner voice.

Do I only do what I like to do? Most of the time yes but it still happens that I get caught up in old thinking and old behavior. And then I suffer and I am upset with myself.

The experiment is this: From now on I will only do what I like to do. There is no exception to this rule. When I have to make a decision I will feel if it is a yes or a no and act accordingly. I will use the blog to let the world know if it works or not. If I am able to live my life by only doing what I want to do it might inspire others to do the same. 



“Crossroad” Williamsburg/Brooklyn 03-03-08 at 03:19 PM.


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