I keep on meeting people who are not more than a reflection of themselves. Creative ones that believe that they have no talent. Beautiful ones that are convinced they are ugly. Intelligent ones who believe that they are not intelligent.

The problem is that our beliefs run our show, our beliefs become our reality. Even though others and I are able to see the truth about a particular person whatever he or she believes becomes his or her reality. If you believe you have no talent nobody will want what you create. If you believe you are ugly nobody will want to go out with you. If you believe you are not intelligent you will not get the job you want.

Sometimes I am looking at somebody and I cannot understand how little they value who they are. They are beautiful, talented and intelligent. But nothing in their lives works because they believe otherwise. They are programmed differently. And even though to a bystander they are obviously mistaken they follow their program without a second thought. Robots do what robots are trained to do.

This makes me very sad. It makes me sad because I know that this person will miss out tremendously on life. There could be so much success, fun and beauty but all there is, is struggle, sadness and pain. There is no reason for any of this since it is not true. But the programming is in place and will run its course. It makes me sad for the world because this person could contribute so much and could make the world a better place. All he or she brings to this place now is darkness and frustration.

I know how it feels because I was a reflection of myself for so many years. I wasted so much time making myself smaller, weaker and less attractive then I really am. I wish I could have broken free earlier but as for so many of us it was and is very hard to let go of my programming.

What is causing me the most pain though is when I see a beautiful, talented and intelligent person who has a very low self-esteem, suffers tremendously and has no desire to change. A human being that has completely emerged himself or herself in the illusion. Somebody who is absolutely convinced that this is what he or she is. What a loss! All this beauty talent and intelligence lost for this lifetime.

Granted, an ego is always an illusion. Somebody might dream to be a begger somebody else to be a king. But whatever we imagine ourselves to be it is always a limitation to who we really are. How limited is it to dream to be a king compared to be one with the whole universe?

The more we let go of our ideas and believs the more the true self can shine through us. That will be different for each and every one of us. Our attributes and talents differ. I am not saying we should try to be positive about what we are not. I am saying let us stop limiting ourselves.

Why do I have financial problems? I cannot have the job I want because I am not intelligent enough. But is that true? Can I be sure? Maybe it is not true. Maybe I should investigate. Maybe I just feel unintelligent because my father told me I am stupid when I was four years old only because he saw how intelligent I was and felt threatened by it. Now I believe something that is not true that took over my whole life.

I am talking about keeping an open mind and to question every belief that we have about ourselves. Do I know this is true? Can I be 100% sure? This will help to let more and more of the illusionary self disappear and more of who we really are come to life.

Since the true self is one with the whole universe what else could our main attributes be than strength, honesty and love.





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