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Stardust wrote me this comment yesterday:

“Well, Carsten you are turning out to be one of the most interesting writers I have come across lately. Either you write about something that gives me food for thought or you echo, in your own inimitable style what I already think.

My decision/resolution this year is to positively manifest the best year of my life so far.

The first thing I did about 4 weeks ago was tell myself – There’s only one person better than me, that’s James Bond – and he’s fictional” just before I walked into an interview. I guess it worked I started my new job today

However (and sorry that there has to be one), for many people in this world life is a daily struggle. It is correct that as human beings we should recognize that the energy we emit out there can positively impact our lives but that energy I believe should also always be directed to our fellow beings too.

You are right though, one must start with oneself. Believing in the power to positively manifest for one self before feeling empowered to make the change out in the world.”

Thank you so much Stardust for your positive words about the blog. I can’t express how much it means to me to have found another 00 agent. That also proves that the James Bond approach is applicable to different parts of our lives. But tell me what job did you apply for that you compared yourself with James? Do you work for the Secret Service? I am sure if you do you are not allowed to tell me.

You are absolutely right that the world is a daily struggle for many people but my question is why? Is it the nature of the world? Is there an “I” a person trying to survive in a world that is against him or her? Is life suffering?

Buddha said life is suffering but he also said there is a way out. Why is there suffering? Because we grow up get brainwashed, create an illusionary self the ego and live the rest of our life’s believing that this is who we are. We are taught by people whose life is a daily struggle, believe that this is what life is, project it on the world and struggle is what we see and experience since we create our reality. We expect the future to be bad and we believe that we have to worry because we will not have enough. Is that true do we have to worry about the future?

Jesus said, “Look at the birds of the air, they do not saw or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable then they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” What does he mean with that?

Let’s say there is no illusionary self, no ego. Struggling people with no self-awareness never taught us who we are and what the world is about. All that fills us, all that we are aware of is the Force, the Tao, God the essence of all things. All we ever have experienced is that we are taken care of; that things work out that the future is good. Would we still be worried? Would life still be hard for us?

To me Jesus meant that the Force, the Tao, God, the essence of all things is always here to protect us. We are always protected, always taken care of. There is nothing to worry about. But as I said we are programmed to believe that life is different. We are programmed to believe that life is hard and we are not safe. Because we believe that we reject the universal support and create what we were told life is all about, hard work and suffering.

The spiritual journey is not about learning anything. It is about emptying out the old to allow the new, to allow the force to express itself through us. How can we change as long as our brains are filled with beliefs about who we are? How can the world change as long as we have fixed ideas what it is all about? We have to empty it all out. Every belief every idea has to go. Everything has to be thrown out. When it is all gone we can make conscious decisions what we want to have in our lives. There will be no need to be worried about the future because we will have made the experience that we are always supported.

To help the world we have to help ourselves first. How can we help anybody if we are trapped in the world of illusions? When we find deeper understanding we can help our fellow man. We can say. “Look, you are much more then you think you are. Whatever you believe will happen. When you understand who you really are your suffering will end.” How can I help when I am still part of the world? Give somebody money? Give somebody some emotional support? What does it do? It helps people for a moment but they will never find freedom that way, they will never end suffering.

Nobody can change anybody else but with deeper understanding we can assist. We can say look at this or that. And if the person is willing to give it a try he or she will have a realization that things are different then what was believed. Then there will be growth and change.

This is why we have to concentrate all our energy on changing ourselves. I am not saying that we should not wish the best for other human beings. But sometimes they might not even want that. How can I help somebody who does have low self-esteem and feels that he or she does not deserve beauty or love in his or her life’s? I cannot because they do not want my help. They want to get what they feel they deserve and will get exactly that.

But if I concentrate all my energy on self-realization and find out who I really am I am beyond the world of illusions and can assist my fellow man to escape as well. Believe me there are not many who want to escape because pain is very addictive and to change very scary. But one day I might talk to somebody who says, “I am suffering, I want to end my suffering and I am willing to put all the energy I can into accomplishing that.” Then you can say, “Look, you live in an illusion about yourself. You are programmed and you suffer because the programming contradicts with who you really are. I can help you to find out the truth about yourself. It will take time and effort but finding your true self will end your suffering. I did it and I am living proof that it is possible.”

If we can help one human being to even escape suffering a little bit we have done more to the world then money, food clothing and shelter ever can do. We transcended the old and opened somebody up for the new. We’ve made the world a better place.





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