A few days ago I talked to somebody who believes that life is hard. She said, “Life in America is not easy. You have to work so hard to make a living, rents (in New York) are so high and health insurance is so expensive. You can have fun as well but mainly life is hard work.”

Is that true? Is that what life is all about? Was my math teacher right all along when he said that life is cold, dark and cruel?

When I hear things like that I always think about the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who said, “Es geschieht nach deinem Glauben (What you believe will happen)”. What we have to understand is that thoughts and ideas are energy. Energy attracts the same energy. This is why it is very important to watch our thoughts, words and actions.

All this happens of course in “Maya” the world of illusions. But until we transcend the world what kind of illusion do we want to have? If our thoughts, words and actions influence the world we live in do we have a responsibility to watch what we think, talk and do to make the world a better place? Can we make our lives easier by imagining beauty and that things come to us easily and effortlessly? Does hard work get us where we want to be?

I forgot who said it but I read in one book that we put all the effort and work into what we want to achieve only to be able to feel we deserve it and that all we receive is given to us by god/ the universe/the force/the Tao. What would happen if we would feel we deserve it to begin with and would imagine how we would get there? Would that make our life’s much easier?

When I was assisting I worked with photographers who would make $ 80,000.00 and more for shooting a campaign in one day. What did they have in common? They felt they deserved it. They felt they were great at what they were doing; they even thought they should get more. I never met anybody who was hugely successful without self-confidence. Successful people know they are good and that they deserve to be paid well.

We talked about the world being a projection of our mind before. That is why I was talking so much about our programming. We are programmed to believe certain things about the world and ourselves and right away it becomes reality.

What does the belief that life is hard create? A hard life. Why has America done so well for so long economically? Because people believe it is the land of opportunities. And it is. What if we all would change our ideas about life? What if we would start to believe life is easy. What if we would believe that we could do what we want to do and that we deserve to do it?

I changed my beliefs concerning women. Most of my life I believed that I was not that good-looking, I was shy and had absolutely no self-confidence. When I look at images of mine in my 20’s I have to say I was a handsome guy (I still am! J). But I did not believe it I felt I had nothing to offer. What was the outcome of that? Years without a single date.

Well, I have changed and even though some of my friends will say at this point please don’t do it I have to talk about it. I call it the James Bond effect. If you have ever seen a James Bond movie you know about the Bond girls. There is a scene in the movie and there is James and then this pretty girl walks in. James smiles because he knows he will get to know her better. He has not a single doubt about that. Why? Because he always does, he is James Bond.

When I go out today and have a James Bond day I usually dance with the prettiest girl in the place within an hour. I do not look better then in my 20’s just older. Nothing has changed on the outside but I have no doubt that I deserve to dance with the prettiest girl.

We can apply the James Bond approach to any parts of our lives. But here comes the tricky part we cannot doubt what we believe. This is why to me positive thinking does not help. You cannot think you can you have to know you can. The moment we doubt we fail.

How did I change? Seven years of therapy did the trick.

Since the illusionary world is a projection of our mind we create it. We can decide what kind of life we want to live. We pull the strings. 



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