For Klaus (Part 2)


Last night my friend Klaus passed away. I do not know what to say and I am so sad.

The last conversation we had was on the phone a few months ago. We talked about our legacy about what we will leave behind when we die. We seemed to be at an age when you start to think about things like that. Klaus said that he still has to work on that; he felt he had not created his legacy yet.

But Klaus I went to the ICU unit and there was a line of about ten people waiting to get to see you. There was an “Everybody loves Klaus” blog up within days with people writing posts from all over the world. Your family and friends as far as from South Africa flew in to be with you. What is a legacy, what can we leave behind when we have to go?

To leave people behind who love us and will never forget us? To be remembered for our smile and all the fun people had with us? For making people laugh and bringing happiness into their life’s? For making others feel loved and cared for? For leaving a spark that whenever we think about the person that passed away we have to smile? To make this earth through our visit a better place?

My friend, you were living your legacy all along! I will never forget you and thinking about you will always put a smile on my face. 






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