Worn out……

It is amazing how fast January and 31 posts went by. This blog already taught me a lot. I found out that taking pictures comes to me so much faster and is much easier then writing. Sometimes I did not shoot more then three frames and had an image that I liked and posted. Writing stories takes so much longer and having to write it with two fingers and English not being my first language does not help either. This blog was originally meant to promote my photography but tuned immediately into being about my experiences and my way of seeing the world. It is an interesting process since I never know what I will write when I get up in the morning. The stories just come to me. Sometimes I have an experience and try to find an image that works with it. Other times I shoot an image that inspires me to write a story about what I have photographed.

I want to thank everybody who left comments. So far I never shared my views with a broader audience and I am very impressed with the uplifting responses I got. Thank you so much I learned a lot from reading them. I read ezparz latest post this morning. He wanted to know what the point of writing his blog is when he only reaches like-minded people? He referred to a quote by Goethe:

“We are indeed born with faculties; but we owe our development to a thousand influences of the great world, from which we appropriate to ourselves what we can, and what is suitable to us. I owe much to the Greeks and French; I am infinitely indebted to Shakespeare, Sterne, and Goldsmith; but in saying this I do not show the sources of my culture; that would be an endless as well as an unnecessary task. What is important is to have a soul which loves truth, and receives it wherever it finds it. 

Besides, the world is now so old, so many eminent men have lived and thought for thousands of years, that there is little new to be discovered or expressed. Even my theory of colors is not entirely new. Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, and many other excellent men, have before me found and expressed the same thing in a detached form : my merit is, that I have found it also, that I have said it again, and that I have striven to bring the truth once more into a confused world.

The truth must be repeated over and over again, because error is repeatedly preached among us, not only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; everywhere, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the feeling that it has a decided majority on its side.”

I usually want to help people who do not want help. After looking into the whole ego and illusion theme for some time it is so easy to see where people are stuck. Every time I run into somebody like that I want to wake them up, want to show them that they are dreaming and that they live a life way under their potential. I tell them that I can see who they really are and that all they have to do is to see it themselves and their lifes will change and blossom. Winston Churchill was right when he said: Most people stumble over the truth, now and then, but they usually manage to pick themselves up and go on, anyway.” Fact is most people do not want to change. It is understandable because it is very hard to change.

Do we want to swallow the red pill or the blue pill? Neo in the movie “The Matrix” took the red pill and decided to let go of the illusion. Then the ride started and if he could have gone back to the life he had before he would probably have done it. Compare to letting go of your ego making huge amounts of money, being famous or ruling a country seems like child’s play. Letting go of our conditioning is by far the most difficult endower you can get into. But to me to find true freedom and end suffering while you are in a body is the most rewarding achievement on earth.

In all these years I have been talking about these things I met one person who wanted help and kept on working on himself. He is doing very well and we will see how far he wants to go. Many were interested for a while, worked a little bit and gave up. Will knowing that most people do not want to change hold me back from talking about the human potential? Not at all. Because even slight changes, even a little bit of awareness can help make a difference in people’s lifes. If I can help even one person to have a better life it is all worth it.

Trying to explain things that are beyond the mind takes a lot out of me and so does this blog. I spent up to 2.5 hours on some of my posts. Very often I am writing at night because that is the only time I can find to do so. I feel pretty worn out at the moment and have to see if I can keep on writing my posts. Maybe I have to forget the idea of writing on a daily basis and only do it when I have some time. We’ll see what the future will bring.




“Worn Out”. Subway card after being used for one year. Williamsburg/Brooklyn 01-31-08  at 3:19 PM.

Subway Card 

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