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It is Sunday. What do I write on a Sunday since there is not much going on besides doing laundry and trying to take it easy? At the moment I am really interested in the concept of time. That emerged yesterday again when I was walking around trying to find an image I can post on my blog. I came along a Daily News, lying in the dirt, frozen into ice. The editorial section had the headline” Murder in Pakistan” referring to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. What came up when I shot that image was that somehow I feel that when I die the whole world will stop. I have been trying to achieve certain things in my life. I have been trying reach a high level of spiritual understanding. I have been trying to be a good photographer, a flexible yogi and a chain punching kung fu master. I take these things serious what means I take myself serious. I take Carsten serious. How could it be that on the day that somebody that serious dies the world could move on and pretend nothing had happened? And then I stopped and smiled and realized that I take myself, I take life too serious. The fact that somebody like Benazir Bhutto ends up to be a name on a newspaper page the way I found it teaches me the utter unimportance of my mortality. Sure her death had an impact and might have a huge impact on a whole country, on a whole region of the world. But did the world stop? No things keep on going. The sun rises and the sun sets. Her death shows me that life is not to be taken serious because it is limited. It teaches me to replace the word “serious” with joy and fun. That does not mean that I am giving my best. But at the end I have to go where Benazir had to go, the sun will set and it will rise and maybe my name will be printed on a newspaper page that somebody finds lying in the dirt, frozen into ice. 





 Light in the hallway. Williamsburg/Brooklyn 01-06-08 at 03:11 AM



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